Training Courses in Information Technology

individual and corporate accelerated learning systems suitable for everyone from complete beginners up to IT professionals and employers

You may be a complete beginner eager to change from your low-prospects job to a career to a higher income level as a computer professional, an individual part way up the ladder who wishes for improved skills in a specialised IT field or an employer who needs to upgrade staff abilities to meet the new opportunities of the 21st Century. Either way, you recognise that time is money and you want to find accelerated learning systems that develop skills quickly, and at a reasonable cost, often with worthwhile professional qualifications at the end. As a beginner you will expect an interesting, well-tested learning path and help with finding a job before or after you have qualified. As a professional or employer you will expect at least Microsoft® certified trainers who are renowned technical authors, senior information technology consultants or real-world professionals with huge experience of producing results quickly, and a large range of course and subject options including the latest systems under Microsoft®, Novell®, Sun®, Oracle®, Cisco®, Linux/Unix®, etc etc; covering not only technical aspects of servers, networks, and security systems but also legal aspects of IT work, risk management, business applications, disaster planning etc etc leading to qualifications such as Certified Information Systems Security Professional, Systems Security Certified Practitioner, Cisco Certified Design Associate, Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician, CompTIA i-Net+/CIW Associate Dual Certification, A+ and A+ Networking certification, etc etc.

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